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On February 23rd, 2009, six of John Searle's esteemed colleagues paid tribute to him on his 50th anniversary of teaching at UC Berkeley.  Video of each address can be viewed by clicking on the names at the right.

John R. Searle began his professorship at Berkeley at the age of 26.  Very soon after his appointment he became an indispensable advocate for the Free Speech Movement, served as a liason to Berkeley's administration during the years of protest against the Vietnam War, and published seminal texts on the philosophy of language.  Over the past 50 years he has published 18 books and countless articles on the structure of language, mind, and social ontology, and in 2004 received the President's National Humanities Medal for his defense of reason and objectivity and his defining of the debate surrounding artificial intelligence.  Searle continues to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in the Department of Philosophy, where he is the Willis S. and Marion Slusser Professor of the Philosophy of Mind and Language.

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February 23rd, 2009
Maude Fife Room, Wheeler Hall